Why Keto?

Why Keto? “I can do anything for 30 days” is what I told myself when I started diets. I’ve done them all… Whole 30, Paleo, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers. I always dreamed of losing a certain number of pounds and then going right back to drinking Coke and eating Cheez-its (oddly enough, 2 of my very favorite things). But, somehow I knew Keto was going to be different. I saw a good friend of mine lose 40 pounds in 6 months, praise Keto for helping her feel so good and telling me over and over again that I should do it too. Isn’t that what happens when you find a Keto friend? They just can’t help but share and I am super grateful she did!

I, myself, had been battling autoimmunity, my hormones were out of whack and needed to lose 50 pounds to be in a healthy weight range. It seemed like an uphill climb but I was finally ready to put in the work. Just after Labor Day 2017 I perused Pinterest for Keto facts, Keto rules, Keto recipes and Keto inspiration. I grocery shopped, goal planned, drank my last Coke and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up and Keto’d my heart out. I was strict and I was dedicated. Those first few weeks were filled with sugar withdrawals, Coke funerals, cobb salads, water and carb counting. And day by day I fell in love with Keto…not because I was losing weight, because I was, but because I was satisfied, I was full, I had energy, I could eat out, my brain was clear, my skin was clearing up, my life was no longer centered around food and I was happy. Believe me, those weekly weigh in’s became a huge motivator for me, but week by week I began to realize that this was NOT a 30 day plan. This was quickly becoming my dream “diet”. I was eating food I loved and losing weight doing it. This was going to become a lifestyle. This was me. I could do this forever and I wanted to do it forever.